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National Review, By BRIAN T. ALLEN, International Fine Print Dealers Association, May 2021
The Fine Art Print Fair Delivers Old And New Beauties

Cate McQuaid, Art Blossoms into ‘Paradise’ at Cade Tompkins Projects, The Boston Globe, March 2021

'Paradise' at Cade Tompkins Project

Sarah Kirk Hanley, Orit Hofshi: Deep Time, Art In Print Magazine, from Volume 9 #4, November-December 2019

Orit Hofshi: Deep Time, Sarah Kirk Hanley

The Center for Contemporary Israeli Art and Memorial, Tivon, May 2019

"Black Smoke, White Smoke", Orit Hofshi And Dror Ben Ami
The Metropolitan Museum of Art Acquires work by Orit Hofshi, 2019

Hagit Peleg Rotem : interview with Orit Hofshi, March 2019

Portfolio Magazine, March 2019

Orit Hofshi & Mahmood Kaiss@ Contemporary Zemack, February 2019

Hagay Hacohen, A Celebration of Israeli Printmaking, The Jerusalem Post, September 24, 2018

Eitan Buganim

  How did Jacob Pins influence other artists, Galeria Haaretz, April 2017

East Contemporary Art

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum: Orit Hofshi “Crossing“, April 2017

Uzi Tzur

Scratch into the black mirror, Rosenfeld Gallery, November 2016   Galeria, Haaretz

Yona Fischer

Hundred Years of Israeli Art, Discount Bank Collection, 2016

Hagit Peleg Rotem

Portfolio Magazine, June 2016

Sigal Namir

DezignZoom 2016

Kunst im Deutschen Bundestag Kein fernes Land

Künstler aus Israel im Deutschen Bundestag, 2015

Angela Levine

Changing Perspectives at the Haifa Museum of Art, Midnight East, May 2015

Abigail Crocker

Weighted woodcuts, February 2015

Tal Dekel

“רק אל תגידי ‘סבתא”‘: מגדר וזקנה בראי האמנות”,Published in cataloug: “Tough & Tender”, P8 Gallery, December 2014, Tel Aviv

Julia Villaro

“Artistas de todas partes crean aqui'”Clarin, October 2013

Orit Hofshi

“Upon this Bank and Shoal of Time”, “Print Time” Tefen Museum, September 2013

Leah Ollman

“Review: Woodcuts and more by Israeli artist Orit Hofshi at Shulamit” Los Angeles Times, June 21 2013

Scarlet Cheng

“Editorial Previews”Orit Hofshi, Shulamit Gallery, Venice CA, ArtSceneCal, June 2013

Alumni Stories

“PAFA Stories of Success, Accomplishment and Passion” Preview PAFA, Autumn 2012

Angela Levine

“Lightening up Edvard Munch- Israeli Artists Share His Space” Midnight East, August 2012

Irith Hadar

Munch show Catalogue “Exhibition covering fifty years of Edvard Munch’s prints on view at the Tel Aviv Museum”, 2012

Galya Yahav

“Encounters in Edavrd Munch’s space” Haaretz, July 2012 [In Hebrew]

Edith Newhall

“See Hofshi” Philadelphia Inquirer, April 2012

Amze Emmons

“Orit Hofshi at Locks Gallery”, March 2012

Marilyn MacGregor

“Orit Hofshi’s ‘Pharos’ at Locks Gallery: A novel unfolding in her mind” Broad Street Review, March 2012

Charles Schultz

“A Matrix You Can Move In: Prints and Installation Art” Art in Print Magazine, Vol 1 Nom 3, September October 2011

Edith Newhall

“Galleries: In prints and paintings, an outlook on devastation” PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER, October 2nd 2011


Catalouge, 2011

Andrea Packard

Realism and Resilience in the Art of Orit Hofshi, 2011

Julien Robson

The Graphic Unconscious, “Transforming the Known into the New: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and Philagrafika 2010”, © 2011 Philagrafika, Philadelphia, PA, 2011

Anne Sassoon

Jerusalem Report, “German Expressions in Galilee” , 25 April 2011

Smadar Sheffi

“When the flawed becomes exquisite” Haaretz, 16 July. 2010 [In Hebrew]

Deborah Ripley

ArtNet Magazine, “Paper Chase”, February 2010 – Image

Mara Hoberman

Critics’ Picks ArtForum Magazine, “The Graphic Unconscious”, Feb 2010

Ken Johnson

The NY Times, “What Is Printmaking Today? Philadelphia Dares to Ask”, February 2010

Faye Hirsch

MultipalesM The Open Print, Art in America Magazine, pp. 67-74, APR2010 Issue, Philagrafika

Gigi Lamm

Alumni Spotlight: Orit Hofshi returns to PAFA for Philagrafika 2010, Preview PAFA, Spring/Summer 2010

Edward Sozanski

The Inquirer, “Art: Philagrafika: Varied impressions”, February 2010

Amze Emmons

Philagrafika 2010: PAFA, printeresting, March 1st, 2010

Florence Shu

“Philagragfika 2010 ,” Artist Magazine, March 2010 pp. 176-183, Taipei, Taiwan

Printmaking Today

In Focus – Orit Hofshi, Vol 18 No.4 Winter 2009, Cello press London, UK. Page 2, Page 3, Page 4

Smadar Sheffi

Art critic – Article in Haaretz Online, October 20, 2009

Patrick T. Murphy, Curator

The Situations of Orit Hofshi, The Open Museum Tefen, 2009

Timna Seligman, Curator

Two conversations with Orit Hofshi, The Open Museum Tefen, 2009

Jose Roca, Curator

Interview in Philagrafika blog, March 2009

Heidi J. Gleit, Editor

Carved in Wood, ERETZ 121 Magazine, September 2009

Julien Robson, Curator of Contemporary Art

“Whole lotta shaking going on at PAFA”, The ArtBlog, 2009

Hagit Peleg-Rotem

Article in Globes Online, 2009

Jose Roca, Curator

Art On Paper Magazine, November/December 2008

Timna Seligman, Curator

The Disenchanted Forest, Israel Museum of Art, 2006

Smadar Sheffi

Article in Haaretz Online, January 2007

Uzi Tzur

Article in Haaretz Online, February 2006

Dan Miller

The Woodcut: Meaning and Mission, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, 2004

Faye Hirsch

Play Print. International Print Center New York (IPCNY), 2003

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