New show: “Changing Perspectives- The Epoch of Space” May 16, 2015 Haifa Museum of Art

Installing “Crossing” at Haifa Museum of Art,  Spoon printed woodcut on hand made paper, carved pine wood panels and Ink 118 x 300 in

Crossing, Haifa museum,Orit -

Crossing, Haifa Musum, Orit

FLORA – Ars+Nature Benefit Auction, April 23 – 26, 2015, at the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Colombia.


orit_hofsh , If the Tread Is an Echo, 2010i

If the Tread is an Echo, 2010 Woodcut on handmade Abaca & Kozo Paper

RISD, Visiting artist program

Visiting Artist: Orit Hofshi | PAFA – Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

January 2015, New Acquisition by Kunstsammlung im Deutschen Bundestag | art collection of the German Bundestag, Berlin
Orit Hofshi, Glimpse (2).jpg low res

Glimpse, 2012 , woodcut, rubbing and ink on hand made paper, 42 x 40 inches

Orit Hofshi, Resilience (1).jpg low res

Resilience 2008, woodcut on hand made paper, 70.1 x 77 inches


Tel Aviv Museum, 2015

Along the Lines of Imagination, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2014

From left to right : Orit Hofshi, Bridget Louise Riley, Aviva Uri

Blues, 2014

Blues, 2014, ink and woodcut on hand made paper, 23 x 64.2 in

“This is not a dream” – Fine Perlow Weis Gallery, American Jewish Museum, Pittsburgh PA, USA. 12.5.–25.7.2014

Traces V – Beyond Paper, The 5th Biennale for Drawing in Israel, Jerusalem, Israel. 21.12.13-1.3.14


Shula Nazarian, the owner and director of Shulamit Gallery, at Context Art Fair, Miami, in front of “Divergence”

With Shula at Context Art Fair

in Context Art fair,

Miami, Context Contemporary Art Fair, December 2013
Miami, Context Contemporary Art Fair, December 2013

Divergence, 2012, Spoon printed woodcut on hand made paper, carved pine wood panels and Ink 185.8 x 75.5 in

Context, art fair Miami, Dec, 2013

Galleria Del Infinito, Buenos Aires

Julia Villaro –  “Artistas de todas partes crean aqui`”Clarin, October 2013

Group show in Del Infinito Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

URRA – Art work presentation, Malba Auditorium – Fundación Costantini, October 7, 2013 16:40

URRA Logo Art Residency in Buenos Aires, Fourth edition: from the 1st to the 31th of October
      2013. Participating artists:

Anthony Shapland – Wales, Chiara Banfi – Brazil, Dan Mihaltianu – Romania Lives in Berlin, Doina Krall – Holland, Jorge Miño – Argentina, Juan Duque – Colombia, Lives in Gante, Magdalena Z’graggen – Switzerland, Nicolàs Robbio – Argentina, lives in San Pablo, Orit Hofshi – Israel, Silvana Lacarra – Argentina, lives in Buenos Aires, Piero Sogno – Aargentina, Randi Nygârd – Norway, Rodrigo Canala – Chile, Rodolfo Marqués – Argentina, lives in Buenos Aires, Valeria Maggi – Argentina, Yoel Bordas – Dominican Republic


“Print Time” – Show at the Tefen Museum , October 2013
Print Time, show at Tefen Museum


Review: Woodcuts and more by Israeli artist Orit Hofshi at Shulamit June 21, 2013 – By Leah Ollman

Orit hofshi, 2013