Represented by Cade Tompkins Projects, USA\


                   The Metropolitan Museum of Art Acquires the work “Quest”  2016

             Woodcut and color pencil on hand made Kozo & Abaca paper, 80 x 40 in

September – November 25

E Pluribus Unum: From Many, OneCCP CT, (Center for Contemporary Printmaking) Artist included: Alison Saar, Carmen Lomas Garza, Chitra Ganesh, Dana Schutz, Daniel Heyman, David Altmejd, Dino Q. Le, Elizabeth Peyton, Fab 5 Freddy,  Lesley Dill, Lucy Ganje, Meg Turner, Nicole Eisenman, Orit Hofshi, Phong Bui, Swoon.

Rumor 2017, Woodcut, Rubbing, Ink, Oil sticks, Color pencils on hand made Abaca and Kozo paper, 65 x 122.5 in

New in the Studio: 

Emerge 2018, Carved Birchwood, Ink 80 x 97 in

Ramifications 2018, Woodcut, Rubbing, pencil, ink, on Handmade Kozo & Abaca Paper 80 x 120 in

Contemporary Local Print: 1 Show, 3 Venues, 65 Artist : The New Gallery-Teddy, The Jerusalem Print Work Shop, Musrara Gallery, Jerusalem, August 2018

Realization 2018, Carved Pinewood Panels, Woodcut on Hand made Kozo & Abaca Paper, 138 x 72 x 72 inches. 

I to Eye, June,  The Israel Museum, Jerusalem, through May 2019בינינופרידה

Disjuncture 2018, Woodcut on hand made Kozo & Abaca paper 74.8 x 74.8 in


Black, opens on June 23rd, at Ralli Museum, Caesarea

Left: Liliane Klapisch, Right: Orit Hofshi

Subsoil 2018, woodcut, rubbing, ink on handmade Kozo & Abaca paper, 80 x40 in

Sediment 2018, woodcut, rubbing, ink on handmade Kozo & Abaca paper, 40 x40 in

Orit Hofshi

Orit Hofshi at SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2018 in New York City


SPRING/BREAK Art Show March 2018, NY


The Janet Turner
Print Museum
California State
University, Chico

Effusion, 2012, Rubbing on hand made paper 78.5 x 78.5 in

December 5 – 1- 2017, Zemack Contemporary Art

With Glexis Novoa at Art Miami, December 2017

Di Carta/Papermade, Biennale Internazionale di Opere di Carta 2017: opening 9 december

Keynote  speaker, International Printmaking Conference, Nicosia- Cyprus“From tradition to transition: Aspects and technologies in printmaking from the past to present day”


On the Road, The Artist House, Tel Aviv, October – November 18, 2017, 

Participating Artists: Aya Ben Ron, Tessy Cohen Pfeffer, Dorit Figovich Godard, Abraham Kritzman

Laver 2017, Ink on carved pinewood panels, 75 x 157.5 inches

Cade Tomkins Projects, Fine Print Fair at the Cleveland Museum of Art,

Sept 14-17, 2017

Quest 2016, Woodcut and color pencil on hand made Kozo & Abaca paper, 60.6 x 40 in

In the Body of the Wood, Winners of Jacob Pins Prize for an Israeli Graphic Artist awarded by Israel Museum, Jerusalem. Three exhibitions Marking the Centenary of Jacob Pins, Opening: April 7, 2017,Ticho House, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, The Jerusalem Print work Shop.

Uzi Tzur, Haaretz, June 19, 2017  : “Orit Hofshi Is the master of contemporary wood cutting and extends its boundaries to almost impossible sizes and other techniques…..” Rumor, 2017 is a triptych….”


לשחרר רוחות שבעץ,

“אורית חופשי היא המאסטרית של חיתוך העץ העכשווי ומרחיבה את גבולותיו לגדלים בלתי אפשריים כמעט ולטכניקות אחרות. “שמועה” מ-2017 היא טריפטיך…”

Rumor, 2017, 122.5 x 65 in ( triptych ) woodcut, rubbing. pencil drawing, ink, oil sticks on hand made Kozo and Abaca Paper.

Laver 2017, Ink, on carved pine wood panels, 157.5 x 79 inches

CROSSING, Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum, Bratislava, March 24-June 28, 2017

Orit Hofshi v Danubiane, Zverejnil

Contemporary Art from East Asia and East Europe:

Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum: Permanent Collection + “Crossing Borders” (Grüner Collection) + Orit Hofshi „Crossing“ + Augustin/Peteraj



















Digital Sketch of Crossing installation

Cade Tompkins Projects

SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2017

March 1-6,  Time Square ( on 43rd street ) , New York, New York





In the studio- December 2016

New Book: 100 Years of Israeli Art in The Collection of Bank Discount

Uzi Tzur, Haaretz, Galeria November 2016, review of the show at Rosenfeld gallery, Tel Aviv




Premise 2016, Digitally printed woodcut, woodcut, on hand made paper


Roman J. Witt Visiting Artists, Fall 2016, October 25.  STAMPS School of Art & Design, University of Michigan, invited by Endi Poskovi Professor of Art and Design



  • RISD , Orit Hofshi – Printmaking Sponsored Lecture
  • Monday, October 17, 2016 at 6:30 to 8:00
  • risd-lecture-october-17


McColl Center  for Art + Innovation, Fall 2016 residency, August-November


immortalize-breach-installation-lImmortalize, Breach-installation at The McColl Center for Art studio, October 2016


McColl Center for Art + Innovation, Fall 2016 Catalogue


Beacon, new show at Zemack Contemporary Gallery, Tel Aviv, May19 – July 1 2016. Curator Ron Bartos

Orit Hofshi-Beacon, May 2016 2

view at Zemack Contemporary

Orit Hofshi-Beacon, May 2016, 5


Cirque 2016, Carved Birch wood panels, Ink, Oil sticks 97.7 x 75.6 in

Chronicle, 2016.s 1 (2)

Chronicle 2016,  220“ x 144“ , ink drawing, woodcut on hand made paper, carved pine wood panels.

McColl Center for Art + Innovation: selected for the 2016 fall program ( August through October )

McColl Center





The other Artists-in-Residence, which have been confirmed, are:
 Glexis Novoa, Miami, FL
 Marion Wilson, Syracuse, NY
 Sheila Wyne, Anchorage, AK
 Mark Greenfield, Los Angeles, CA
 Aubrey Longley-Cook, GA
 Scott Gardener, Charlotte, NC
 Marcus Kiser + Jason Woodberry, Charlotte, NC

March 31st 2016, All that Remains, Artists House TLV, Tel Aviv. Participating Artists: Asad Azi, Orit Hofshi, Ariane Littman, Orly Sever, Farid Abu Shakra, Ronit Shani

Trace.jpgOrit Hofshi

Trace, 2014, Drawing ink on paper 53.5 x 93.5 in

All that Remains











December 2015: ”Not  Distant Land”, contemporary art collection of the German Bundestag in The Reichstag Building, Berlin, Germany Participating Artists:
Christian Boltanski. Boaz Aharonovitch, Orit Hofshi, Sigalit Landau, Ilit Azoulay, Erez Israeli, Hila Ben-Ari, Susan Hiller, Micha Ullman, Katharina Sieverding, Dani Karavan

“Not Distant Land”

Bundestug show

September 2015, The Janet Turner Print Museum CA acquired  Effusion for their permanent collection.

Effusion, 2012, Rubbing on hand made paper 78.5 x 78.5 in

Orit Hofshi, Effusion 2012, l


 Time Out Of Mind, new Exhibition, Hoch + Partner, Leipzig Germany,  June 26

Orit Hofshi, Time out of Mind, Leipzig, Gallery

Orit Hofshi Leipzig Gallery Talk Orit Hofshi, Leipzig Gallery Talk 2

Portal, 2013, Rubbing on handmade paper 157.5 x 118.1 in

Orit Hofshi, Portal Rubbing on hand made paper


The Best Art Galleries in Philly, June 22, 2015. These eight galleries are propelling Philadelphia onto the international arts stage. The best art Galleries in Philly

Owner and director: Sueyun Locks
Notable Artists: Polly Apfelbaum uses bold colors in her velvet fabric-dyed “fallen paintings” to blur the lines between painting, sculpture, and installation; Orit Hofshi is a contemporary artist who combines prints along with woodcut panels for large-scale installations that embody contradictions to inspire refection. 600 Washington Sq. S., 215-629-1000

Midnight East: review of ” Changing Perspectives ” show at Haifa Museum of Art

“…Another perception of landscape is proposed in Epoch of Space, the third exhibition on display. It relates to the Sublime – previously defined as the feelings of wonder and awe evoked by looking at, or exploring, the magnificence of Nature. As illustrated through the work of eight fine artists the meaning of this concept has altered completely. Nature is no longer conceived as something awesome and noble, but instead may well evoke feelings of anxiety or disquiet. Take Orit Hofshi‘s powerful woodcuts as an example.  To some extent the scenes she creates recall ‘sublime’ views of mountains and water produced in the 19th century by German romantic painter Caspar David Friedrich among others. But the young people Hofshi depicts, having attained the top of some mountain ridge, find that they are looking out into space, into nothingness. As for the mountain, the uneven blocks of wood that Hofshi has gorged out to form its body may be likened, with a little imagination, to structures that have been abandoned or destroyed.” Angela levine

Beacon, 2014, Drawing, rubbing, woodcut, dry brush on hand made Abaca and Kozo Paper 78.7 x 157.5 in

Orit Beacon Installation Haifa Museum 2015.jpg A

beacon[1] New show: “Changing Perspectives- The Epoch of Space” May 16, 2015 Haifa Museum of Art Installing “Crossing” at Haifa Museum of Art,  Spoon printed woodcut on hand made paper, carved pine wood panels and Ink 118 x 300 in

Orit Crossing Installation Haifa Museum 2015 1.jpg A


Orit Crossing Installation Haifa Museum 2015.j.jpg A

FLORA – Ars+Nature Benefit Auction, April 23 – 26, 2015, at the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Colombia.


Flora orit_hofsh , If the Tread Is an Echo, 2010i If the Tread is an Echo, 2010 Woodcut on handmade Abaca & Kozo Paper RISD, Visiting artist program image Visiting Artist: Orit Hofshi | PAFA – Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts January 2015, New Acquisition by Kunstsammlung im Deutschen Bundestag | art collection of the German Bundestag, Berlin Orit Hofshi, Glimpse (2).jpg low res Glimpse, 2012 , woodcut, rubbing and ink on hand made paper, 42 x 40 inches Orit Hofshi, Resilience (1).jpg low res Resilience 2008, woodcut on hand made paper, 70.1 x 77 inches TA-Mueseum-Logo Tel Aviv Museum, 2015

Along the Lines of Imagination, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2014

From left to right : Orit Hofshi, Bridget Louise Riley, Aviva Uri

Blues, 2014

Blues, 2014, ink and woodcut on hand made paper, 23 x 64.2 in

“This is not a dream” – Fine Perlow Weis Gallery, American Jewish Museum, Pittsburgh PA, USA. 12.5.–25.7.2014

Traces V – Beyond Paper, The 5th Biennale for Drawing in Israel, Jerusalem, Israel. 21.12.13-1.3.14

Shula Nazarian, the owner and director of Shulamit Gallery, at Context Art Fair, Miami, in front of “Divergence”

With Shula at Context Art Fair in Context Art fair, Miami, Context Contemporary Art Fair, December 2013 Miami, Context Contemporary Art Fair, December 2013 Divergence, 2012, Spoon printed woodcut on hand made paper, carved pine wood panels and Ink 185.8 x 75.5 in Context, art fair Miami, Dec, 2013 Galleria Del Infinito, Buenos Aires Julia Villaro –  “Artistas de todas partes crean aqui`”Clarin, October 2013 Group show in Del Infinito Gallery, Buenos Aires, Argentina inauguracionenglish
URRA – Art work presentation, Malba Auditorium – Fundación Costantini, October 7, 2013 16:40

URRA Logo Art Residency in Buenos Aires, Fourth edition: from the 1st to the 31th of October       2013. Participating artists:

Anthony Shapland – Wales, Chiara Banfi – Brazil, Dan Mihaltianu – Romania Lives in Berlin, Doina Krall – Holland, Jorge Miño – Argentina, Juan Duque – Colombia, Lives in Gante, Magdalena Z’graggen – Switzerland, Nicolàs Robbio – Argentina, lives in San Pablo, Orit Hofshi – Israel, Silvana Lacarra – Argentina, lives in Buenos Aires, Piero Sogno – Aargentina, Randi Nygârd – Norway, Rodrigo Canala – Chile, Rodolfo Marqués – Argentina, lives in Buenos Aires, Valeria Maggi – Argentina, Yoel Bordas – Dominican Republic

“Print Time” – Show at the Tefen Museum , October 2013 Print Time, show at Tefen Museum


Review: Woodcuts and more by Israeli artist Orit Hofshi at Shulamit June 21, 2013 – By Leah Ollman

Orit hofshi, 2013